About the Maker

About the Maker

Welcome to Two Clay Hearts!

My name is Hayley and I’m the designer and creator behind all the pieces made at Two Clay Hearts.

I'm a Primary School Teacher from Brisbane, Australia and have a love for all things crafty. In fact, I originally began making earrings over 5 years ago as a hobby. It wasn’t until 2021, when I took a step back from full time work, that I decided to open my store and now I get the joy of being able to teach and create both part time.

Over the years my style has evolved and so have the earrings I have created. What started as an interest, has now turned into a passion that has extended from creating earrings to a whole range of pieces including hair clips, trinket trays and more recently a range of crochet items. I put a lot of hard work into creating these quality pieces for you and truly believe that the right accessory can help you to feel confident in your own skin.

About the Brand - Everyday Accessories

At Two Clay Hearts, the goal is to design pieces that are high quality, long lasting and versatile. Something that can be worn everyday if you wanted.

When I first started my business, I noticed there weren’t any simple, pastel polymer clay earrings available to me, so I set out to make some.

I started off developing a hand chosen colour palette and focused in on using simple shapes in my designs. I then began incorporating lace and floral elements to create soft and sweet accessories.

Focusing on simple designs allowed me to develop my skill and work towards creating high quality pieces. Further ensured, by using only surgical stainless-steel backings which is good for sensitive ears.

Overall, my endeavour has been to create simple but unique pieces that will be a staple of your wardrobe for years to come. Pieces that make you feel confident from the moment you put them on.

Behind the Name

When choosing a name, I wanted something that represented not only what I create, but also my faith.

The name represents my creations because I use polymer clay, a lightweight form of clay. Many of my designs and studs incorporate love hearts, and when wearing a pair, you end up having two clay hearts sitting on your ears.

For me, the name also represents my faith. To have a clay heart means to be flexible and open to change.

It is my reminder that God is our creator, our potter and if we stay soft and open, like clay, we can be moulded into something new and beautiful.

"We are the clay, you are the potter;we are all the work of your hand”

Isaiah 64:8